What Is It?
Your parents should write down and discuss with you their desires for their funeral.


Do We Need It?

Yes. For you it will greatly reduce stress around organizing the funeral if you know what all their wishes are. This will obviously be a very stressful time and we need to minimize the amount of decisions that surviving family members will have to make. Plus, some people like to use their funeral as a way to leave one final memory with their survivors through ritual or music.


What To Do?

1. Sometimes funeral desires are included at the end of a Health Care Directive which was created above. If not, get a pen and paper.
2. Ask your parent what they want for their funeral:
Casket or cremation?
Where to bury body or spread ashes?
Who will be the pallbearers?
What, if any, music do they want included?
Is there anybody they want to speak?
Any preferred food?
Any ideas from other funerals they particularly enjoyed?
Any out-of-town guests to accommodate?
3. Write it down and read it back to them to ensure you have the same understanding. Share with other family members as necessary.